Welcome to Neopets!
Neopets, launched in 1999, is a virtual pet website where users can create and care for digital pets, play games, and engage in a vibrant online community. It gained immense popularity in the early 2000s, attracting millions of users worldwide. Its significance lies in pioneering the concept of virtual pet ownership, fostering social interaction, and incorporating educational elements through games. Its impact on internet culture and the nostalgia it evokes for many who grew up with it underscore its historic value.

Daily Dare
The Daily Dare was an annual event on the Neopets website where users could participate in a series of daily flash games to earn prizes and trophies. Launched in 2006, it became a highly anticipated event within the Neopets community, encouraging competition and camaraderie among players. Participants were tasked with achieving high scores or completing specific objectives within designated timeframes to earn rewards and rise through the ranks on the leaderboards. The Daily Dare fostered engagement and excitement among users, contributing to the enduring popularity and community-driven nature of the Neopets platform.

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Complete the Daily Dare to finish the weekly puzzle.